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About Forensic MED Experts

Forensic MED Experts provide Expert Witness Services for Civil and Criminal Cases, Longshore/ Defense Base Act claims and Fitness for Duty.


Our civil services include IME, file review, rebuttal, case consultation and Certificate/ Affidavit of Merit  for cases involving Medical Malpractice, product liability, sexual abuse, childhood abuse, sexual harassment, harassment, auto accidents, wrongful termination, discrimination, personal injury and Libel/Defamation, class actions and mass torts.


Our Longshore  Defense Base Act services include IME, or  peer review, conducted in person or telemedicine for claims involving PTSD, TBI, hearing loss, orthopedic, vascular, hearing and burn injuries.


We provide pre-employment and return to work IME's, physical and psychological Fitness for Duty Evaluations.


Forensic MED Experts have the medical experts you need to determine, clarify and address the salient medical, psychiatric and psychological issues of your case, be it through direct evaluation, file review, and/or expert testimony. 


Our experts have hundreds of successful cases to their credit. 


Our experts’ evaluations comply with evidentiary standards for settlement cases. A comprehensive file and medical record review discovers and highlights everything of relevance, and addresses and reconciles all discrepancies. If required, our experts deliver expert testimony either by deposition or in-trial testimony. In either circumstance, you will first be provided with a summary containing clear and concise opinions and conclusions with reference to case material.


We select our expert witnesses for their expertise and experience across a wide range of specialties. Each expert provides informed and objective opinions for your civil, criminal and fitness for duty cases. All expert witnesses are board-certified medical, psychiatric or psychological doctors with extensive training and experience in their chosen field of expertise.


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Featured Experts

Michel F. Brones, M.D.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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Pamela J. Hall, Ph.D.


Peter Gleiberman_edited.jpg

Peter Gleiberman, M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgeron


Cheri Adrian, Ph.D.


Expert Witness Services

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Forensic MED Experts offer expert evaluations, case reviews, rebuttal and expert testimony in mental health and physical specialties for civil cases. We offer expert opinions for sexual harassment, discriminiation, employment, product liability, personal injury, standard of care, class action and mass tort cases.



  • Personal Injury

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Product Liability

  • Wrongful Death

  • Mass Torts

  • Class Action Suits

  • Harassment 

  • Discrimination

  • Employment

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Case Settlement Consultation

We are excited to announce Case Settlement Consultation (CSC)  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the med-legal landscape and courts have encouraged the parties to settle cases outside of court. 
CSC is our new flat-rate case consultation service specifically designed for cases that are moving toward settlement and need an expert opinion but do not require designation of an expert as a retained witness.  CSC includes a brief review of pertinent records by the expert to address factors such as causation, permanent or temporary disability if any, treatment recommendations and costs of treatment estimates.

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Longshore & Defense Base Act

We provide independent medical and psychological evaluations and peer reviews for Longshore claims and Defense Base Act claims.
Please click on Learn More to explore our Longshore Claim and Defense Base Act services and specialists.

Lady Justice or Themis or Justilia (Godd


Forensic MED Experts offer expert evaluations for criminal cases. We work with private firms, public defenders and prosecutor’s offices for County, State and Federal cases.  Our experts are experienced with protocols for contact evaluations.

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Fitness for Duty

A Fitness for Duty psychological evaluation is a physical, psychiatric or psychological examination that evaluates employee job readiness, or whether employee conduct demonstrates a threat to the health and safety of themselves, employees, customers, or to an organization’s property or work product. 

​We offer Pre-Employment and Return to Work evaluations

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